April 2006

29/04/2006 Mustapha - present ministerial memo on Zahid Report
28/04/2006 Chan Kong Choy should apologise for grave parliamentary misdemeanour
28/04/2006 "Award First, Design Later" RM250 million CIQ contract - Challenge to ACA
26/04/2006 RM650 million Sentul-Batu Caves Double Track - a rip-off?
26/04/2006 OSA and crooked half-bridge - Hamid does not know the law
26/04/2006 Abdullah should explain why no open tender for RM250 million CIQ flyover
25/04/2006 Cabinet Ministers should emulate Mustapha to be active in cyberspace
24/04/2006 Ghafar as inspiration - Malaysia among the world's 10 least corrupt nations by 2020
22/04/2006 Mustapha Mohamed - prove First Class Mentality
22/04/2006 RM250 million 8-lane road contract to Gerbang Perdana - why no open tender?
22/04/2006 VC Rafiah challenge - to restore UM to be at par with universities of Spore, HK, Sydney, Melbourne
21/04/2006 Rafidah - support Parliamentary Select Committee on FTAs?
21/04/2006 Vocal UMNO MPs opposing IPCMC do not represent majority of BN MPs
21/04/2006 First ASEAN MPs campaign - suspend Myanmar from ASEAN
20/04/2006 Malaysia-US FTA - two assurances by Mohamed Nor welcome
18/04/2006 Crooked half-bridge - cabinet of dummies
18/04/2006 2001 K-economy Master Plan - not a single best brain attracted into public sector
18/04/2006 White Paper on Mahathir's "surrender sovereignty" allegation
18/04/2006 RM200 mil new Kuching Prison scandal - who are the people responsible?
17/04/2006 9MP - sack Rafidah if she does not reply in Parliament debate
17/04/2006 Is Pak Lah a different person and IPCMC as "dead as a dodo"
17/04/2006 Crooked half-bridge - M's serious allegation against Pak Lah unfair
16/04/2006 Little Napoleon - deal with full-blown Napoleon IGP Bakri first
15/04/2006 Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge - why taxpayers must pay RM100 million bill to Gerbang Perdana
12/04/2006 Samy's solution to Indian underclass woes - "Have more children"
12/04/2006 New UM VC - appoint person with best plan to place UM among world's top 50 in 2010
11/04/2006 PM's "Do it or go" warning just "hot air"?
10/04/2006 Support Ombudsman system but not to kill IPCMC proposal
08/04/2006 MSC 10 years - Malaysia follower instead of leader/competitor with S. Korea
07/04/2006 New UM VC - "best person for the job" and not "biggest cable to PM"
05/04/2006 Blueprint to eradicate RM40b - RM50b "leakages" from RM220b 9MP
03/04/2006 Speech on 9th Malaysia Plan(10)-Biotechnology - Six Questions
03/04/2006 Speech on 9th Malaysia Plan(9)-FTAs - one-sided agreements?
03/04/2006 Speech on 9th Malaysia Plan(8)-Public service restructuring - major flop
03/04/2006 Speech on 9th Malaysia Plan(7)-Flaws of poverty eradication prong
03/04/2006 Speech on 9th Malaysia Plan(6)-9MP deficit financing
03/04/2006 Speech 9th Malaysia Plan (5)-The 9MP � Lessons unlearnt?
03/04/2006 Speech on 9th Malaysia Plan(4)-Why no one charged for the failures and losses of UEM-Renong, MAS?
03/04/2006 Speech on 9th Malaysia Plan(3)-NEP revived � 20 to 50 years
03/04/2006 Speech on the 9th Malaysia Plan(2)Vision 2020 "off-track"
03/04/2006 Speech on the 9th Malaysia Plan(1)-Cry for Malaysia
01/04/2006 9MP "walk the talk" - appoint world-class academic as UM VC