December 2005

31/12/2005 New Year Message by Parliamentary Opposition Leader
31/12/2005 Moorthy case - Parliamentary Roundtable on Article 121(1A)
30/12/2005 Moorthy case - Parliament should clearly restore supremacy of Constitution
26/12/2005 Islamic Famil Law (FT)(A) Bill - withhold Royal Assent and sent it back to Parliament
24/12/2005 MAS mega-losses - Idris Jala has one year but Munir must give satisfactory accounting
24/12/2005 Reform Cabinet reshuffle - Pak Lah's greatest challenge
22/12/2005 Hishammuddin wrong - PMR results nothing to do with Std. One controversy of use of English to teach maths/science
21/12/2005 RM1.55 million paintings - will Munir Majid reimburse MAS for losses in resale?
21/12/2005 Cabinet downsize reshuffle - last hope for Pak Lah's stalled reforms
20/12/2005 Further erosion of police credibility 7 mths after Royal Police Commission
19/12/2005 Squatgate Scandal - Noh Omar's "ignorance" claim contradicted by Chia Kwang Chye
18/12/2005 Dzaiddin Commission of Inquiry - reopen public hearings on outstanding issues
17/12/2005 Heads must roll - PM and DPM misled for 21 days
16/12/2005 Challenge to Senate - allow Teresa and LKS to appear to make rebuttal
15/12/2005 Police Naked Squatgate - "Shooting the Messenger"
14/12/2005 Police videoclip scandal - was national interests sacrificed for UMNO by-election interests?
13/12/2005 Victim Malay woman - Noh guilty of two counts of misconduct
13/12/2005 Suspend Myanmar from ASEAN if Hamid Albar mission futile and fruitless
12/12/2005 Next Cabinet - table 4-pt resolution on teaching of maths and science
11/12/2005 Kuala Lumpur ASEAN Summit - a failure?
11/12/2005 Mahathir is right � 92% BN  parliamentary majority is �too strong� and is a serious  threat to democracy
10/12/2005 KL ASEAN Leaders - issue ultimatum to Myanmar military junta
09/12/2005 SBB bank fight - govt regulator and player at the same time?
06/12/2005 Meeting with MAS CEO on 'MAS the flying buffet" email
04/12/2005 Pak Lah - respond personally to two RM10 cut motions in Parliament
03/12/2005 Formation of Asean Inter-Parliamentary Caucus on Good Governance (AIPCGG) Preparatory Committee
02/12/2005 ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Caucus on Good Governance
02/12/2005 Malaysia not in either World Top 500 or 2,000 Universities Lists