Paul Low – where were you when the table was turned, the hunters become the hunted as the Special Task Force probing 1MDB was displaced by a Police Probe on 1MDB Special Task Force?

The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Paul Low has vowed to protect the officers of the multi-agency Special Task Force investigating 1MDB, coming from the four key agencies of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the Royal Malaysian Police and the Attorney-General’s Chamber (AGC).

He said he had been brought into the federal cabinet specifically to promote good governance and to strengthen transparency and accountability in the government, and in line with this mandate, he assured the public that he would continue to stand firm in protecting these institutions and their respective officers, and will see to it that they are allowed to conduct the investigations until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

Tragically, Paul Low was completely impotent when the key officials and the multi-agencies of the Special Task Force investigating 1MDB came under assault, with the most important officer, the Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail himself sacked suddenly and summarily, while key institutions like the AGC, MACC and BNM were humbled and intimidated, with the arrest of a former MACC adviser and an officer from AGC by the police today.

Where was Paul Low after making the vow to protect Special Task Force officers?

Was Paul Low consulted, was he aware that Gani Patail was to be summarily sacked and replaced by Federal Court judge Tan Sri Mohamad Apandi Ali, and what did he do to stop such wanton disregard of the principles of good governance ?

Was Pau Low aware of the two arrests today, a former MACC adviser and an officer from AGC and the widespread rumour in the country alleging a fictitious international plot to criminalise Najib Razak and topple the elected government of Malaysia, reaching into the very sanctum of the government, namely the key institutions of BNM, MACC and AGC?

What did Paul Low do when the table was turned and the hunters became the hunted as the Special Task Force probing 1MDB was displaced by a Police Probe on 1MDB Special Task Force?

Having made his vow to protect the key institutions comprising the Special Task Force on the 1MDB, and their top-most officials, what has Paul Low done to counter and debunk the ludicrous version that the international conspiracy to “criminalise” Najib and topple the elected Prime Minister of Malaysia had won support from the very sanctum of government in Putrajaya covering AGC, MACC and BNM and warranting a crackdown on the institutions and key officials?

Let Paul Low speak up, loud and clear, of his position today as Minister specifically tasked on governance, integrity and human rights.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Gelang Patah