When was RoS DG co-opted into the Umno/BN Demolish/Destroy DAP (DDD) campaign?

When was the Registrar of Societies (RoS) Director-General (DG) Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman co-opted into the UMNO/BN Demolish/Destroy DAP (DDD) conspiracy and campaign, and if not, why the modus operandi of RoS DG acting on the Umno/BN DDD script in the past few months?

Initially, in the early phase of the UMNO/BN “Demolish/Destroy DAP” campaign, the RoS Director-General was fairly independent, impartial and professional, as evidenced from Abdul Rahman’s statement in January that DAP CEC re-elections “would only occur if there was concrete evidence there were discrepancies in the CEC election process”.

But in the past few months, the RoS DG succumbed to the pressures of the Umno/BN DDD conspiracy to undermine, destabilise and destroy the DAP as evident from the fact that the RoS DG was unable to state in writing the “concrete evidence” of the “discrepancies in the CEC election process” as to justify his directive for a CEC re-election to be held.

A study of the UMNO/BN DDD conspiracy and campaign in the past few months will show a pattern of the Umno/BN DDD battalions setting the stage to attack the DAP leadership, and which are subsequently followed up and acted upon by the UMNO/BN leadership, including the Prime Minister or Cabinet Ministers, and the RoS DG, justifying the inference that the RoS DG had been co-opted into the UMNO/BN DDD conspiracy and campaign.

After the 13th General Elections results on May 5, the UMNO/DDD campaign has taken on a new agenda and purpose to try to undermine, destabilise and destroy the DAP as part of a larger plan to destabilise and destroy Pakatan Rakyat – initially centred on the mysterious booklet “The Equity Report (CEC Election Fraud)” by a phantom author “Father Augustus Chen”.

Although it was an illegal publication, having neither printer nor publisher as required by law, and crammed with some 100 lies and falsehoods in its 12 pages, it was given “royal treatment” and quoted liberally in the Umno/BN controlled media, whether print, radio or television, and distributed throughout the country.

From recent publicity and propaganda offensives against the DAP in the Umno/BN controlled media, it is clear that the Umno/BN DDD conspiracy and battalions have undergone a revamp, as lies and falsehoods against the DAP have been expanded beyond Bahasa Malaysia and English media unlike in the first seven months of the year to rope in Chinese and Tamil media, as well as recruiting new digits into the Umno/BN DDD campaign battalions like the so-called Jaringan Cina Malaysia (JCM).

Lies and falsehoods continue to be generated by the UMNO/BN DDD campaign to give a false picture of division and disunity in the DAP leadership, the latest being that DAP Chairman Karpal Singh disagree with the various matters relating to the holding of the DAP Special Congress on September 29.

There is no truth or basis in these latest lies, just like there was no truth in the earlier allegations and lies that “753 delegates, mostly Indians” were not notified of the DAP Party Congress in Penang last December and therefore deprived of the right to attend and vote in the CEC elections.

The facts were that all delegates to DAP Party Congress in Penang had been notified and that there was no truth in the allegation of “753 delegates, mostly Indians” not being informed. Furthermore, only 100 of the 753 delegates who were absent from the DAP Congress in Penang were Indians.

In the past, the DAP had ignored these lies and falsehoods, but this allowed the Umno/BN DDD battalions to repeat the lies, pretending that our silence meant there was truth in their false allegations.

Just for the record, the decision on the holding of the Special Congress on September 29, and all matters related to the Special Congress, received unanimous support of all CEC members, including Karpal.

The question now is whether the RoS DG will be acting on the script of the latest episode of the Umno/BN DDD campaign, following up on the latest lies and falsehoods of the Umno/BN DDD conspiracy.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Gelang Patah