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Media statement by Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 28th April 2011: 

What impression have we given to Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa – a government crazed with sex scandals than with enhancing Malaysia’s multi-racial national unity or international competitiveness?

What impression have we given to Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa in his short visit to the country?

That we have a government crazed with sex scandals than with enhancing multi-racial national unity or Malaysia’s international competiveness?

The largest English-language circulation newspaper in the country, the MCA-owned Star, put the Carcosa sex scandal on its front page – headlined: “Part 2 out – Another video clip on YouTube, Anwar’s family says it’s not him” while Wen’s historic visit to University of Malaya is relegated to Page 2!

The official visit of the leader of the most important nation in the world also fought a losing battle with “Sex video Part 2 on YouTube” even for front-page mention, whether its News Straits Times, Berita Harian or even the “1Melayu” Utusan Malaysia.

What a national shame and disgrace!

Wen Jiaboa would have been completely horrified if during his short visit to Malaysia, he had sighted the 8pm TV3 Prime News last night, which caused me to post five tweets in 30 minutes after I had been informed by incensed parents who were shocked and surprised by the “transformation” of TV3 into a porn channel: viz:

  1. Horrible Disgusting Complaints from those who watched 8pm TV3 Prime News which showed latest snippet of so-called Anwar Carcosa sex video.

  2. Ord decent Msians feel violated in their very homes w such disgusting TV fare – turning TV3 into pornographic channel. No child safe at home.

  3. TV3 boss/all responsible 4terrible bad taste violating homes children w such disgusting snippets shd be sacked or Info Minister Rais shd go

  4. All parents lodge police rpts agnst TV3. Lets have nation-wide campaign 2protect homes/children from such disgusting TV fare/gutter politics

  5. Let every BN Minister Dy Min MP SA declare stand - agree w TV3′s disgusting porno? PM Najib – r u going 2draw a line on whats decent or not?

Clearly the condemnation and strictures of the earlier TV3 show of the first snippet of the Carcosa sex video, which the President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia and head of the Melaka-Johore Catholic diocese, Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing had denounced as "an inexcusable outrage", had completely fallen on deaf ears.

Paul Tan had warned: "No person of conscience can fail to deplore this permissiveness, this inaction in the face of a puerile voyeurism that has now reached a nadir."

Would Najib undo this great national shame and disgrace by convening a round-table conference of political parties, NGOs and NGIs to draw up a clear guideline to stop the abuse of media and broadcasting channels to, in the words of Art Harun on my tweet, “defame others and to uphold morality and good values” and to take the first tentative step to end gutter politics and restore decency to public life?

Would the Prime Minister table the latest TV3 Prime News sacrilege of public morals and decency as priority agenda in the next Cabinet meeting to ensure that there is no such despicable recurrence?

Would the Information Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim and all those responsible in TV3 be hauled up for such grave public indecency and immorality?

The Police have denied that it is responsible for the surfacing of the second snippet of the Carcosa sex video. This was exactly what the police claimed when the first snippet of the sex video surfaced during the Sarawak state general election campaign. Will there be a third, fourth, fifth and even sixth snippets surfacing on YouTube and TV3 in the coming days?

The infamous trio of Datuk T – former Malacca Chief Minister, Tan Sri Rahim Noor, Datuk Shazryl EskayAbdullah and Datuk Shuib Lazim have claimed many a time that they are in possession of the only original copy of the Carcosa sex video and that this sole original copy had been surrendered to the police.

How then could two snippets of the Carcosa sex video surface on YouTube and the Umno blogs in a matter of three weeks?

Have the Carcosa sex video leaked from police custody and possession or is this proof of higher powers involved in the manipulation of the Carcosa sex video to character-assassinate Anwar Ibrahim?

As the possibility of the Carcosa video tape leaking from police possession and custody to surface in two snippets on YouTube cannot be ruled out, the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar should direct that an official police report be lodged and a completely separate investigation team commissioned to investigate the matter. Police credibility, integrity, professionalism and reputation are at stake!

Has the second snippet succeeded in convincing Malaysians that it is Anwar in the Carcosa sex video?

I agree with the following reaction to the second snippet of the Carcosa sex video posted on my blog:

When that man bend down and wear his pants..freeze the picture.. and you can clearly see… is not Anwar.

I am sure anyone can see it is not Anwar.

Are Najib and IGP blind?

Anyway…it is good this second part released…to completely prove Anwar is telling the truth all along.

What kind of creatures are these worms…..keep using sex to bring down Anwar?

*Lim Kit Siang, DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Ipoh Timor



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